Stacks wooden toys - trucks, graers, kids

Custom Wooden Toys Made By Hand in Dundee, Australia

For the big boys...

Wooden Timber Jinker hand made by Stacks Wooden Toys

Timber jinker hauled by Kenworth prime mover complete with bull bar, twin stacks, air cooler, mirrors, dual fuel tanks. 

For the kids...

Children's hand made wooden log truck

Children's log truck with disconnecting trailer and load of timber (for display only).

Custom Orders

Kids Car Carrier

A custom order for a car carrier for a special child. Complete with 6 cars and a hide away ramp. The trailer is detachable.

Wickham Dual Trailer

A custom order for a repeat client. Two trailers complete with fleet colours. The trailers are detachable. Click the image for detail.

Kids Cattle Truck

A  repair job of a well loved truck and construction of a new middle trailer to match the existing unit. The unit looks like new and should give years more play.

About Stacks Wooden Toys

Our toys are all hand made in our workshop in Dundee, NSW  by owner, Daryl Stackman.  Daryl uses local and imported timber to create his master pieces which take several weeks depending on trailer style, whether they are to be painted, stained or left in the natural beauty of the wood. Daryl has won many awards for his work . He is self taught, looking for something to do when he is not working and has found a love of creating the vehicles from his life.

Trucks are built to order and the fleet line is becoming popular with owners and drivers. 

We also have a range of small vehicles for children including log trucks, tipper, cattle trucks, graders and bull dozers. Our children's range can be seen at markets near and far in conjunction with AnneE's Brew preserves. They make excellent birthday and christmas presents and are much sort out by grandparents looking for that extra special gift for a beloved grand child.

Enquiries are most welcome as are visitors by appointment at our Dundee premises right by the New England Highway.

Fleet trucks


Our range of painted fleet trucks are creating a great deal of interest from both trucking companies and the drivers who spend so much time driving them throughout their career. Each truck and trailer is handmade by Daryl, to order. Once the the vehicles have been assembled, the wooden surface is primed before several coats of paint in fleet colours are applied. The final touch is the application of decals cut to match the full size version of the particular fleet vehicle.

Big Boys Toys Gallery

Custom made wooden trucks, trailers and more, for the boy in everyone.

Kid's Gallery

For the child in all of us. Our kids range are hand made, rugged and built for play. Look out for them at local markets on the AnneE's Brew stall.

Children's Grader

Dozer & Truck

Small Cattle Truck

Child's Bull Dozer

Child's Large Cattle Truck

Child's Logging Truck

Child's Timber Jinker

Child's Cattle Truck Rear View

Get in Touch

For further information and to place an order for your own hand made wooden toy please email or phone.


5 Severn Road, Dundee, NSW 2370

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Daryl: 0429 797 912
Anne: 0409 050 455

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